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Iara Abdala is a DJ from Argentina. She was born in La Plata, Buenos Aires. She began her study and passion for doing in 2022 and later musical production.

In her sets progressive, fresh and modern sound predemoniates with ethnic tints looking for a connection with the origins of her offspring varying according to the need of the track and the audience. She is transiting through the organic house, deep house, melodic house & techno.

Always adapting to the context in which she finds herself without forgetting her essence.

In 2023 she has been part of events in the United States in Florida, Miami : Hotel Esme, BOHO House, Sagafredo and in Oregon grants pass sound lounge (Wisoul), among other private events in California and Oregon.

She is currently talking her first steps in musical production and her training as an artist in search of her sound.

Based in the city of Seattle, Washington / USA.