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Escobar (TR) a.k.a. Korhan Tatış, has been DJing professionally for 29 years since 1994.
He has been involved in production and arrangement since 2004.
He is the Music Director & Co-Owner of Radio XLarge, which has a Global Audience and Hosts many World Famous DJs.
Ranked 1st. in the Global Review Top 100 of the Traxsource music site in 2020.
In February 2020, the EP Album released by world famous DJ Alfred Azzetto on his record label “miniMarket Recordings” was ranked 14th. in the Traxsource music site Progressive House Global Top 100 statistics.
They made their first single together with his close friend “Burak Cilt” in the House music style called “Must Be Feeling” and released them on all digital music platforms from “Sheeva Records” in 2012.
Afterwards, they released two different songs named “Deep Inside” and “Texas Boy” together with “Burak Cilt” under the label of “Made In Turkey Records”.
He was discovered by ”Serdar Ors a.k.a. DJ Coslow”, the owner of ”Sound Academy Records”, the first Turkish Record Company opened on digital music platforms in Turkey in 1998 and announced his works on EP Albums, Compilation Albums and Maxi Singles to the world.
Thanks to the discovery of Serdar Ors, his songs were listed in the compilation albums of many world famous record companies.
In 2020, they met the world famous DJ David Vendetta and his unforgettable song “Break 4 Love” was released on the Radio Serial Sets of “Cosa Nostra”, the Melodic House & Techno remix they made with his close friend “Tan Solo” it has been stolen many times.
Since 2018, Turkey’s Oldest and Most Famous Global Dance Music Radio has been meeting with you special listeners with live performance sets it has made in the Master DJ category on Power FM (App)



David Vendetta (FR)
Terri B! (US)
Rio Dela Duna (FR)
Arminoise (IT)
Tasos Pilarinos (GR)
Inve & Forsi (IT)
Alfred Azzetto (IT)
DJ Shu-ma (JP)
Santonio Echols (US)
Mastik Groove (IT)
Billy Esteban (MK)
Alex Spite (RU)
Cat Deejane (RU)
Ivan Mastermix (HR)
Frank Master (IT)
Mathias Nova (PL)
Face X (ES)
John Spectre (IT)
Vincenzo Sessa (FR)
Paul Daniel (IT)
DJ Coslow (TR)



Vamos Music
Eastern Disco
Nothing But
Dirty Budapest
Deepsound Academy Records
Hoboken House
Deep House Amigo (Detroit)
Planet Apricot
Everlasting Sensation
miniMarket Recordings
Talent Agency
XLarge Records
Fame Game Recordings
LW Recordings
Eles Records
Made In Turkey Records
Kopanzy Records
Sheeva Records
Talent Records
BD Records



* DJSLINE – DE (2015)  (Old Music Director)

* Skywalker FM – DE (2015)

* DI FM – US (2014) 

* Frisky Radio – UK (2014)

* BBC1 Radio – UK (2015)

* Beach Radio – UK (2019, 2020)

* Electrozone Radio – FR (2019)

* Underground Frequency Radio – FR (2019)

* ClubSoundz – FR (2019, 2020)

* Radio Canale Italia – IT (2019, 2020, 2021) (Guest DJ w/ Classic Ibiza Podcast)

* Gin & Juice Radio – IT (2019, 2020)

* Radio Maxximixx – IL (2019)

* Wave Radio – FR (2O21)

* Ibiza Stardust Radio – ES (2021)

* Infinity Radio – IRL (2022)

* Militia Underground Radio – FR (2022)

* Radio XLarge – TR (Music Director / Co-Owner)

* Power FM (App) Master DJ – TR (Resident DJ Now)