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He was born since at 1988 and he is Neapolitan DJ.

He began to approach music at the age of 16, being able to express his passion for music through the figure of the DJ.

His talent was made known in the early evenings at a very young age in small Neapolitan clubs, particularly in the Vesuvian area.

As he grew up and improved his technique and musical background more and more, he began to play in the various best known Neapolitan clubs, having the opportunity to play with many Neapolitan artists known in city earning their respect.

He stands out for his deep house style with cutting edge and always refined sounds, currently enjoying good esteem in the Neapolitan underground music scene, playing with well known groups and promoters in the city and in the rest of Italy, supported by notable artists in the clubbing world.

Since 2022 he has become a DJ producer, starting to compose his first “Releases” in the deep tech vein with various record labels, local and foreign Italian radio collaborations.