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DJ VOLKAN PRNC ; he was born in 1978 in Istanbul.

Since music is an important detail that forms the texture of his soul it was like an obligation life presented to him to be interested in music and to do something about it.

As a result of his ability to make people happy through music in every way especially with House.

He managed to take his place in the cabin professionally in a very short time, attracting the attention of many people.

The continuous development of electronic music in Turkey as well as all over the world and the increasing love and interest of people for this music increased DJ VOLKAN PRNC’s love for music and his professionalism. He has made many people happy with his music with genres such as R&b and will always be happy to do so.

Black Bird Club & Etiler Ponit & Zarife & Club Mea & Yenikoy Fettan & Chin Chin Ulus & Loti Launge Group Music Director and various events in exclusive Istanbul clubs where i worked as a Resident DJ…