R4VF a planet earth’s “rookie” DJ who began his career in 2018 and has quickly made a name by showing his passion and dedication to this art.

Distinguished for playing Techno and Hardgroove, for some know as Tribal Techno, influences like Du’Art, Ben Sims, David Moleon and UMEK were essential to develop his passion for this sub-genre. More than a DJ also a pure Techno Lover.

His passion for DJing began by the simple desire for bringing moments of mental peace whilst destroying the dance floor with a continuous bass line. Like many DJs he once was one on the dance floor.

R4VF has acquired a bunch of new skills @ Subbass Academy, following the advice of DJ/Producer Mark Radford. R4VF has devolved Dj skills which allow him to put in work on 3 decks simultaneously.