After being injected with a lethal dose of Acid House in the late 80’s Paul was known to frequent many illegal raves and parties which took place all over the UK in dusty dirty warehouses but this was just the beginning, the dose was so strong that 30 years later it still has the same affect!

Paul Parsons has been an established artist for many years, since early 90’s a passion really took hold after following DJ Harvey at his night called MOIST which took place at Gardening Club, Covent Garden, London. What a perfect inspiration and start to Paul’s career having experienced what could be called and one of the most iconic nights in London’s underground clubbing history with a DJ who now is undoubtably one of the most respected best DJ’s on the planet.

Since the early 90’s diving deeper into the Dance music scene not only by becoming a regular DJ but opening up a dance music record shop just outside London, creating labels, distribution, production, literally anything to do with dance music and Paul had to be involved.

Once the digital era took hold the vinyl record shop (Scoff Records) was no longer an option, although now days vinyl is coming back in a big way it really took a hit for quite a few years! But moving with times Paul carried on with production and labels which allowed him to feed the addiction which had been part of life for the past 10 years. Moving into the 21st Century and looking back over the years Paul’s had so many wonderful experiences, rubbing shoulders with some of the House music elite, playing alongside some of the most recognised DJ’s and artists on the known to man and women.

After taking a long break from DJing Paul will be re-igniting the DJ passion over the coming years to run alongside his recent success with the Record Label’s – PLAYEDiT Records, Gimme The Night, DJ White Label and Tall House Digital which are all frequent flyers in the top 100 download charts. Now also being one of the top 3 selling artists in the Funky/Groove/Jackin genre on one of the largest dance music download sites Paul has no signs of slowing down, in fact things are speeding up and taking off. So, after many years of gaining the experience it takes to become a master of trade Paul is now at the top of his game.

The dance music industry has seen many changes over the past 30years, it’s ever evolving, moving into new realms, giving people a sense of camaraderie and music is a huge part of many people lives so if Paul can create something that makes you smile and feel good then it’s job done!

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Twitter: @PPsounds