Hello, im Oktay ÖZPERÇİN, i was born on 01.01.1998 in Istanbul / Üsküdar.

My passion for music started at the age of 9.

Back then, i was living the best years of being a teenager, i watched many European DJs and always dreamed about them.

I met a program called Virtual DJ at the age of 13 and that program became the cycle of my life.

I gave my first performance at my school graduation party.

Then i had the opportunity to meet the best DJs of the sector DJ TAYTAY, DJ MURAT MUNGAN etc.

At the age of 16, we participated in many events and parties with DJ TAYTAY, who taught me about this sector, then i watched and he played.

The payoff of that time to me was a tonmaister.

Between 2017 and 2018, i continued my career as a DJ and Tonmaister at Üsküdar Damalis Club, one of the best clubs on the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

Between 2019, i marked the entertainment in Kadıköy Halikarnas Club.

In addition to the venues, i participated in many party and venue openings and participated in the booths.

I joined the Bendjolmakistiyorum team in 2019 and completed my education by receiving production training from my Tame Fox (Tamer) teacher.

My first single, “Hear The Music”, was put up for sale in DJ Escobar’s record label TALENT RECORDS on many digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Beatport.

ERSİN ERSAVAŞ’s record company, Maiden’s Tower Records, ranked first in its top list.

While continuing my single work, i published my second work “Dark Sky” on all digital platforms in our joint single “For Anger’s TALENT RECORDS” with LQFT and DJ ESCOBAR.

I signed many projects with KORHAN TATIŞ, one of izmir’s leading DJs, and gained a place in many platforms.

DJ ESCOBAR with the help of Turkey’s most famous and popular radio POWER FM (Powerapp) also took place in the category of DJs, and what i’ll do i’ll continue to be with you with my special set.

However, im indebted to DJ ESCOBAR for being on the Radio XLarge team.