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LEILA WHITE, who started her musical career by playing the piano at a very young age didn’t take long to discover how talented she was.

Her passion for music replaced the piano she played for many years and everything changed after she attended the world famous Ultra Music Festival when she lived in Korea.

LEILA WHITE, who started her career from the moment she decided to become a DJ, started her career as a DJ thanks to her DJ & Producer education in Korea.

The experience of traveling to many countries of the world and meeting music lovers in every culture gave her much greater experiences.

After starting to take the stage in many events and organizations, the likes and attention of music lovers began to be on her in a short time.

From Korea to Turkey…

Her love for Turkey caused his career to continue in our country.

She received full marks from music lovers in a short time in Turkey with her music and his energy on the stage.

She shared the same cabin with many famous DJs & Artists in a very short time.

The sets she made in the “Deepest Dream” series became very popular in Turkey in a short time as she met music lovers at Radio and Clubs.

LEILA WHITE, whose new single track is eagerly awaited continues to take the stage in the best clubs of Turkey and make a name for herself with her unique musical style…