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His real name is Markus Dompson. He lives in the Horaffenstadt Crailsheim in the north east of Baden Württemberg / GERMANY.

His surname “DOMPSON” is also his DJ name.

He has been performing under Dompson a.k.a. Cook since 1997.

His passion for electronic dance music has grown steadily.

That’s when he bought his first turntables and started playing at parties and for friends.

Then it became more professional and he got bookings from various clubs in the area around Crailsheim and Heilbronn.

About 6 years ago DOMPSON switched from vinyl to digital equipment. He wanted to let everyone feel his love for electronic dance music.

He played at the “ToXXisches Rauschen” events at the Schwimmerei SHA he came first in the DJ contest.

This was followed by an appearance as a guest DJ at the SchachtClub, Dünsbach.

At UZIC – Techno / Minimal he regularly plays sets and the feedback is excellent.