Donato Di Caterino aka Danny Groove dj was born in Formia in 1976, already in the early years he loves music of all kinds ..

As a teenager he remains glued to the radio recording the live radio kiss kiss discs and night programs also of radio DJs, this will then lead him to the real passion for music.

In 1993 he bought 2 used turntables from a friend and from then on he bought the first vinyls.l, where in the same year he took part in his first New Year’s Eve.

The passion for music, mainly for the house overwhelms him more and more over the years, attending small and large Neapolitan clubs thanks to the knowledge of the A.D. Nico pagliuca.

The partnership grows from evening to evening, the clubs that danny attends are innumerable.

There are many collaborations with international and national DJs, leading names on the world house scene.

Music becomes for danny an absolute source of inspiration, the passion for it is something indescribable …

The years pass and the desire to produce 1 own song increases more and more, so that in September 2016 danny starts working on his first project “Melody”, which will be released in early February 2017 on the Daviddance-VIP STAR label.

At first it is very successful, so much so that the song is proposed, after only 2 days from its release, on a well-known French radio, which offers soulful and deep house music ..

Melody is nothing more than the fusion of sounds and melodies themselves that the sense of the song is perceived from the first notes; the single comes out in 2 versions, worked with commitment and passion in the study of a great friend Nicola Terzo ‘amer bros studio’.

Danny has to work on his second music project as soon as possible …

The music in the last years has changed, it has evolved and consequently the vinyl productions have stopped a few years ago; from time to time danny offers sets exclusively on vinyl, offering 90s house music.

The passion for music has never faded over the years, the evenings of danny always evolving with dedication and musical evolution in continuous growth, to the discovery of new sounds of house music