Robby Ruini begins his career as a DJ in the second half of the 80s in what was also the cradle of all his colleagues of the period:

the Picchio Rosso disco in Formigine (MO)!

In the province of Modena he works practically in all the clubs to also arrive on the Riviera in 2002 with 2 seasons at the Paradiso in Rimini and in 2003 on Sunday at the Villa delle Rose!

He was among the creators of the Papeete sulla Neve tour in 2003, where he worked with the vocalist Alle Cavriani, in a spectacular and evocative winter show.

Then in 2004/05 resident DJ in the 2 editions of what is considered the musical event of the 3rd millennium in Modena:

IL MU-VI (music-village), organized directly by Nicoletta Mantovani Pavarotti in collaboration with Radio Bruno!

In the summer of 2008 he obtained, with his PR staff, an excellent response on the beaches of Romagna at the Marina Bay (Marina di Ravenna), archiving a memorable season, a prelude to other even stronger ones.

In parallel with his DJ activity, in 1990, he began his adventure as a record producer in the Reggio Emilia studio that has given the world so many successes:

the Pan-Pot of the legendary Black Boxes.

Also in this case it is superfluous to list all the productions and the rmxes developed over the years, but the friendships that are born with fellow students such as S. Gambarelli, Benny Benassi, Davide Riva, Fedo Mora …

His musical line is in perfect “classic house” style with a decidedly commercial vein because, according to him,

“Being ahead is a must ……. but whoever goes too far runs the risk of getting lost” !!!!

don’t believe the rumors about me …..

because they are much worse than what they say … 🙂