Born and raised on the mean streets of Nikopol, Aydan Kasabov “KOOL HERC” i started my musical journey when i was 19, when i discovered DJ T-Fresh and really liked his funky house.

Enjoying that beats i was creating my fist break dance choreographies.

It was at this moment that knew i wanted to be part of ‘The Scene’.

I could do exactly the music that i wanted for my brake dance group “energy beat”.

I was mixing in my laptop until i wanted to go further and bought my first controller in 2015.

By then i already worked as DJ in the night club at Nikopol.

I did various warm up sets before the doors opened in clubs hosting major names such as DJ Grand Master Fresh, DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Tarkan.

In 1998, i realised that i was big in the game.

It was after this point when i started getting gigs at big events such as DJ at events and Radio Dj.

After receiving several offers i joined House music , Deep House , R&B , Hip-Hop, who helped distribute his first internet release.