‘Goktuğ’, a late boy known for his extreme interest in music and electronics during his high school years, started to play music at home as an amateur.

This process started in early 2001.

He was mainly an electronic music enthusiast and listener.

Thanks to a friend of ‘Göktuğ’, who is very good with computers, he was directed to a program where they played music.

He took great pleasure in playing these games, grew up on his own in time, became completely professional in many music programs and designs, although it took a long time to come up with what he had set up in his mind, he succeeded, at the same time he became completely smooth about the use of setup and DJ equipment.

He worked with famous artists and DJs in nightclubs in many parts of Turkey.

He even signed remixes for some of their albums.

He played in private parties and nightclubs abroad.

He also works as a tonmeister and arranges albums.

He continues to perform in many different styles and different concepts.

He continues to meet music lovers on Digital Platforms with his Single Albums and Remixes. Among his dreams was to work with the POWER FM family one day.

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