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Germán Ramírez, dedicated to the media since 1997, journalist and commercial broadcaster. A radio man who currently performs tasks the city of which he is a native, Minas in the interior of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

As an electronic artist under the aka. by Geer Ramirez, a professional since 2006, deeply inspired by old-school artists such as Sasha, John Digweed or Nick Warren … hence the predilection for melodic and deep sounds, which range from deep house to the progressive to techno.

Privileged in traveling South America and take their music through different presentations in Brazil, Peru, Argentina and in some parties and clubs in his native Uruguay. For a long time the opportunity to put music in different radios of the world.

Currently, every week he sounds his podcast: Atmospherics Sound Session, already in the 9th season. Recently integrated into the “Shamkara Radioshow” staff of Ibiza Global Radio in Ibiza.

Honored to be recognized: Pioneer Dj “Meet on the Beat” Dj Awards (2016) and Decoded Magazine (2017).

Some tracks released on Energy Music Records Venezuela, Sindykick Records, Onyx Aetherion UK, Se7enth Fury Grammaton.