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My name is David in art David Dade Dj, I am Italian dress in Tuscany near Florence, I am a self-taught DJ, my first approach with a console was in 1994, at that time, I entered a rate the DJ using a local radio “Radio Seven “(broadcast on FM) hired through the shop owner yes called (Trendy Disco Import) where I bought the records, in 1996 two disco nights as an emerging DJ one of the imperial of Tirrenia Pisa, under the pseudonym of Alex, and another insomnia Ponsacco, then a period of rest, until 2015 when for fun and for passion I took everything in hand by revolutionizing the console by updating it with new technologies, the console to which I set and composed of two 1210 technics (they were purchased in 1994) time code, hercules rmx2, virtual dj, in 2017 the first public release “Imperial Legend vs Duplè” with nationally renowned DJs from Ciro, Roland Brant, etc. then in the following years other public releases at Studio Lab, together with Sandro Vibot, Walter Demi, in September 2017 I invested in myself and putting myself to the test by attending a course for DJs in Rome at (RemixMe), then in July 2017 the first collaboration with the first web radio “Radio Cyrus” then a succession of radio collaborations (web) #Radio House Smile Web, #Dkstreetradio, #Electrozoneradio, #MilitiaUnderground, #DjsLineRadio, any collaboration with another different musical genre in the Tech House , moving on to the Afro House ending with Techno.