Melodic techno & techno


Biography – small

Ventured many years together in the darkest depths of techno, these 2 frequencies collided with an outburst of energy.

Equipped with a melodic, rumbling and driving dedication to their passion, their journey began many years ago. It was in 2018 when they took the MUSICASA producers education to pursue their dream.


This duo, knowing each other for over a decade, has 1 single goal: to adjust your mind.

2020’s proven to be their first and firm step into pursuing their dream.

Hosting a podcast (Adjust (BE) Invites) where they’re inviting numerous DJ’s/Producers to make a signature guest set in these difficult times, being a member of the ‘Underground Kollektiv Radio’ show, performed on livestreams and having a second release in 2021, they’re moving with full force.


Their style can be best described als ‘energetic’, ‘no-nonsense’ and ‘emotional’ in a wide range of the techno genre, however they prefer to go head-on full melodic into the deepest and more emotional sides of techno.


Are you ready… to adjust your mind?